10 March CNN GOP Debate Analysis

The media’s idea of winners or losers is typically based on how well somebody debates (retorts) rather than what they actually stand for, what is their core belief or what they will actually do as Presidents.

Marco Rubio reminds me of a good high school debater who will say or retort anything with wit to please the GOP and his audience and win the exchange.  You have to give it to him that he is good at that but one should not lose focus on their character, values and beliefs are what would make a strong and effective president.

Marco Rubio positions are mostly uncompromising GOP Christian values and less cosmopolitan and therefore less favorable towards minorities and Hispanics. He is clearly telling everyone that while America may have been kind to his family, as President, he is not going to be as kind and understanding because America has its own problem and this great country is only for Americans and for the current generation. Yet when the issue is on Islam is discussed, he tries to be politically correct and not say it as it is, or at least how most Americans actually think. He continues to pander on how appreciative he is of  America that allowed his poor family to succeed so as to strike an emotional chord with Americans and gain their sympathy votes. He has no serious personal accomplishments besides attending national security and intelligence meetings that he uses to show his awareness of the subject. Does he actually has the strength, character and wit to handle these issues is what Americans should be asking. His views on Climate Change are also unbelievably naive.  The GOP has failed in the past, failed in the last 8 years and will continue to fail because of their arrogant, uncompromising, hawkish, gungho and foolhardy positions on any National Security or federal government issues. How can a potential President of America ever say that there can never be any peace between Palestine and Israel. It is like saying that america will never compromise anything to achieve peace in the Middle East.

While Donald Trump may say it as it is, he is in fact a more balanced and pragmatic person who is willing to negotiate and get the job done and move the country forward on all issues be it Israel or immigration. Washington is in a gridlock and does nothing and this could largely be attributed to the uncompromising positions of the GOP. The people are basically frustrated by the politics that gets nothing done.

Ted Cruz is another candidate who takes extreme Christian positions and cannot get along with anyone. He will make America more extremist and less cosmopolitan. While the founders have carefully and deliberately kept religion out of politics and Nation building, Ted Cruz has defended the 10 commandments in courthouses is clearly setting a dangerous precedence for the country. America is for everyone and not only Christian Americans.

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