28 Feb – Trump Address to Congress

It is clear that White House has done a lot in the last 30 days while Congress is in a quagmire of investigations and trivials that the People really don’t care about.

President Trump’s message to Congress would be simple. The People are watching and they do not like what is happening at Washington. The business as usual political charades at Washington must end. It is time to work for the People.

First and foremost President Trump should tell GOP & Democrats that US debt of $19 Trillion is unacceptable and weakens the country globally.

Secondly he should tell them that protecting the American people is his God given responsibility and he will not compromise on this aspect. There is a serious need to be frank with the American people on what is the real threat facing America and what needs to done to defeat it.

Thirdly, President Trump needs to make a strong case that Obamacare has already failed and if left alone, will not be sustainable. He must directly speak to all GOP members to get their act together, especially with the current majority in the House, to boldly legislate the changes. He must make it clear that the opportunity to get things down will start slipping very soon if they do not rise to the occasion.

Fourthly, President Trump should push the envelope even further with regards to regulation reforms. These are not the times to have weak knees or go soft on re-engineering the US economy. By promising tax breaks and cutting regulations, the government needs to provide a clear visionary of the future US. The best and brightest brains need to come together to rehash strategies that will go way beyond the plans of  Russia, China and India.

Fifth, President Trump need to bring the focus back on law enforcement and immigrations. There is no such thing as undocumented immigrants or sanctuary cities. There are basically illegal and cost American people and taxpayers millions of dollars. Another reason the economy cannot grow is because over the years America have become dependent on cheap labor from Mexico and around the globe. Such dependencies weaken the economy and the country. It is time to make tough decisions, invest in the future of Americans and clean up the country of any form of illegal people or activities. All illegal immigrants must go the end of the queue and follow the law to seek resident in United States. There is urgent need to stop illegal drugs from getting into the country.

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