America Needs a Strong Leader like Trump

It is important for America to have a strong leader. A uni-polar requires a strong leader because there is much more multi-lateral politics going on in the background that could destabilize the geopolitical landscape.

A strong leader always need to defend himself against any false allegations. It reminds my on how Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew who is often accused of a dictatorial form of leadership, led Singapore to be one of the most advanced countries in the world. He was never apologetic for defending his integrity in the courts where several foreign media were fined for making false allegations.

Trump was wrong accused and insulted by Mr Khan the father for being anti-Muslim and ignorant of the constitution. What Trump said was to ban all Muslims UNTIL the administration can figure out what is going on. Mr Khan should have known not to tarnish his son’s sacrifice by taking up a political platform.

Trump criticism about the Judge of Mexican heritage again were justifiable as Trump’s campaign has a issue with Mexico and the southern border that could affect the Mexican economy. Everyone is ethnocentric in one way or another. That is very reason why the recuse system is in place to ensure the defendants gets a fair deal. We often hear from Blacks that the White judges are biased. Does this mean that these Blacks are racist. Similar it is therefore unreasonable to accuse Trump for being a racist, simply because he feels the judge could be biased.


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