American Democratic Values Under Attack

Recently events during the GOP primaries suggest that American style Democracy is under attack.

The interference by the so-called ‘Establishment’ in Wisconsin and Colorado and now the ganging up of Ted Cruz and John Kasich suggest that some people are bent on derailing the Democratic process at all cost to safeguard their own personal or group interest.

Essentially the will of the People is being stifled by seemingly corrupt, collusive and shady deal makings. Gone are days of one man or woman and one vote system. Both parties openly have some subset of a delegate selection process that could effectively undermine the will of the People.

The American people must realize what they are against and should strongly counter these corrupt practices. The remaining States need to give Donald Trump a strong support above 60% to counter these undemocratic forces.

The GOP has been given a rare but golden opportunity to reorganize and recalibrate its connections with the People. Despite all his so-called anti-Muslim and anti-Mexican rhetorics, he has been successful in energizing the working class to focus on pragmatic issues. Despite all the noisy ranting, his policy positions are right in the middle and where they should be if they are ever to win the White House.

I personally see Ted Cruz as the most dangerous candidate for America. He is trying to bring religion back into politics.  This goes against the essence of what the founding fathers meticulously kept out and the reason why America was created in the first place. They were essentially fed up with the arbitrary and discretionary powers of the King and the Church.

I urge all Americans to be aware that the current political system is a serious attack on  their very democratic foundation. The future of the country rests in the hands of the remaining States.

God Bless America.


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