America’s Middle East Strategic Policy in 2016

Unwittingly, America has destabilized  the power dynamics in Iraq after the gulf war in 2003 and which will continue to cascade throughout the region for some time. America then transferred power from a minority Sunni to a majority Shia giving Iran greater influence in the region.

Looks like America has not learned its lesson. Obama’s administration and Hillary Clinton are making the same mistakes by deciding that ‘Assad has to go’. That clearly is a bad political or military strategy. It is painful to hear Republican presidential candidates repeating the same phrase on their campaign trail.  The power will simply be transferred to even more radical groups. US should never decide on who should remain in power. Assad is after all less dangerous then other more radical religious leaders.

The focus should be to urgently resolve the Palestinian crisis and staying out of the Shia and Sunni rivalry. To stem the current tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran, President Obama should make a clear statement immediately that any form of conventional or missiles attack on Saudi Arabia by Iran will result in America defending Saudi Arabia and attacking Iran directly.

Any suggestion to have more  boots on the ground is simply bad foreign policy that will never resolve the longer term stability issue and will further increase the federal debt.

The other focus by America and UN should be to improve  the overall economic development in the region. This will help to bring about a better longer term stability. This initiative will not only shift focus from religious divide but also stem the exodus of people from the various war-torn countries.

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