Bernie Sanders – Is he a real deal?

The biggest strategic mistake Democrats can make is to abandon Hillary Clinton. As a  woman she is the only real hope they have to keeping the White House. Bernie Sanders will not be able to defeat even the weakest Republican candidate.

The best way to determine if Bernie Sanders is a real deal is to see who the RNC and Fox News supports. More and more money is spent in bringing down Hillary Clinton. Never a day passes without a rehashed story about her email server and how it is being dramatized.

The only reason the 74 year old socialist Jewish candidate is gaining in the polls is because:

-Republican Trojan horse of “Hillary Clinton’s Email Server” is scaring Democrat voters

-Students and youth are hoping for a free tuition which the Republican will not let happen

-Fox News attacks on Hillary Clinton are very effective

-Fox News woman commenters are very effective in bring down Hillary Clinton

-Bernice Sanders is promising everything  or anything to get elected

-Republican are confident that Bernie Sanders will lose to even the weakest Republican candidate

-he has very carefully distance himself from his Jewish background to prevent Americans from fearing that American foreign policy could be hijacked by a Jewish foreign policy

It is in Hillary Clinton interest to get the State Dept and FBI to resolve the email server issue immediately once and for all. Either they have something or they should clear her immediately. Allowing this issue to fester on will seriously undermine her candidacy and trust factor. She should openly discuss and address why she set up the server in the first place.


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