Bush Family’s Legacy

Bush Senior did a remarkable job in the first Gulf War.

In 2003, as a Professor in Strategic Studies, I postulated that since World War ll, the invasion of Iraq will be the single most greatest mistake in United States history. It will negate all the goodwill that America has gained throughout the world since World War ll. The postulation was not even based on the possible lack of weapons of mass destruction. There was simply  a lack of willing coalition and also the fact that the UN did not sanction the invasion.

While Jeb Bush may be a very reasonable Republican candidate, the mistake made by George W. Bush will never be forgiven by the majority of the American people. It does not matter whether George W. Bush is popular in South Carolina and whether Jeb Bush wins in South Carolina, he will ultimately not succeed with the rest of the country.

My sincere recommendation is for the family to focus on setting up several NGOs to serve Americans struggling to make ends meet and all those who lost their loved ones in Iraq, and hopefully in the long run the American public will forgive George W. Bush.


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