CNN Democratic Party Debates

It looks like the winner of the 2 nights of Democratic Party debate on CNN was in fact, Donald J. Trump. Even when he was not around, the candidates were reflecting on who could actually take him on and win in 2020. The only person who emerged a winner was the wildly crazy socialist, Elizabeth Warren. She is trying to take it out of Donald Trump’s playbook to double down on her policies, with the only difference that her policies are simply crazy and making even the moderates in the Democratic Party very uncomfortable. She is trying to be even more socialist than the most socialist countries. She is trying to even outdo Bernie Sanders on his equally crazy ideas.

It looks like Joe Biden prime days of debating may be behind him, while Kamala Harris may have suddenly experienced a flat tire and does not know how to fix it. Gov Bullock and Mayor Buttigieg may be on only ones who may be able to at least engage Trump, but it appears that the party may have decided that besides Joe Biden, all other candidates are unlikely to win the nomination.

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