CNN Fact Check Lies

It is indeed unfortunate that CNN has decided to take the low road of reinforcing blatant lies even with fact check. Jim Shutto was asked by WolfBlizer to fact check whether Trump was right on saying that NATO did not had a anti-terrorism strategy/capability in place and was recently setting it up after he criticized that they were out of touch. Hillary Clinton implied that NATO had anti-terrorism strategy/capability in place ever since NATO got together to invade Afghanistan after 9/11. He said Donald Trump was wrong and Hillary Clinton was right.

It is obvious to me that Jim Shutto either has no military background or deliberately misrepresented Trump’s point and therefore disingenuous lied regarding the fact check. NATO coalition clearly did not have any anti-terrorism strategy or capability when they invaded Afghanistan. It was largely a conventional operation supported by aerial bombing. The fact that NATO is setting up such a center is testimony to the fact that it did not have such capability.

Similarly politico and other news channel have played down the fact that Hillary Clinton initiated the ‘birther’ issue during her campaign in 2008. During the debate she did not deny that her campaign circulated a picture of Obama in a Islamic headdress or someone was sent to kenya. There are written evidence that one of the strategy of the Clinton campaign was to attack Obama’s American values. In campaign messaging this is a suggestion to stir the pot but do not take responsibility for the rumor. Again the bias news channel keep defending the fact that Clinton campaign did not start the birther issue.

It is unforgivable for News Channel to misrepresent fact check. Their attempt to undermine the integrity of the Trump is unforgivable. CNN and various news channel owe Trump an apology. Trump should insist on this apology or decide to boycott any debate hosted by CNN.

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