CNN Polls and Trump Victory

As predicted last year, Trump is likely to win the White House.

The most recent poll by CNN shows that Trump is in the lead at 45% compared to Hillary at 42%. Although the polls show a small margin, in reality the difference is going to be significant. You could easily gauge this by the large spontaneous supporter turn out at Trump rallies. Hillary, on the other hand is struggling to even fill up small halls at her rallies.

The main reason Trump will win is because Americans are disillusioned with the establishment politics in Washington. The people have nothing to lose by electing Trump as he is not an establishment politician. At the minimum, he will be able to highlight some of the ugly establishment politics and attempt to make a change for the better. Hillary Clinton on the other hand is the epitome of the  establishment politics and likely to succumb to the influence that special interests have on U.S. politics.

The meetings offered to Clinton Foundation donors by Secretary of State and the appointment of donors to classified Nuclear Proliferation meetings are some of the reasons why Hillary Clinton should never be elected as the President of United States.

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