Democrats, CNN turning Puerto Rico relief effort into a political football

Congressman Adam Shiff and CNN correspondent Leyla in San Juan, trying to transform the Peurto Rican crisis into a political football. Leyla’s reporting says she met FEMA staff but CNN has no videos to show on their efforts. While diesel is critical for generators in many small hospitals, CNN is spending time sitting interviewing the Mayor. At the interview going on, you can see that there are a lot of cars still driving around in the City.

Governor of Peurto Rico says he is receiving the needed support from FEMA. Governor and Mayor should be in close contact coordinating relief efforts. Instead, Mayor is alone sitting down with CNN pleading for help. There are many questions that the Mayor should be answering. Where is her command headquarters, rescue agencies and how are they coordinating with governor and FEMA. She seems to be operating alone with CNN. Mayor should realize that at this stage those in the remote parts of the island requires even more urgent emergency help than the city.

It is clear that the only way to support Peurto Rico is by air or sea. There are no roads to the island. Rather than provide information about hospitals in dire need of supplies to FEMA, CNN and the Mayor are criticizing about the pace of the relief efforts and thus transforming the crisis into a political football.

Democrats and CNN should stop transforming this tragedy into a political football. Everyone knows that the rebuilding is going to slow and time-consuming because of access as well as the debt of the government. Democrats are also going to play politics with the funding support because they know that the Island is in serious debt.

At this stage, the focus should be saving lives and distributing emergency resources. So Democrats and CNN should stop playing politics.

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