Donald J. Trump and the GOP

Trump has barely won and the GOP is already poised to dictate to him what he must do. Reince Priebus went on CNN and said Trump joined the Party and the Party did not join Trump.

Is the GOP ever going to get the message? Millions of people have simply rejected their current brand of politics. The people have taken the supreme risk of even completely destroying the Party. The country simply cannot afford the status quo and the people are dying for real change.

The current GOP establishment should step aside and let the Presidential nominee and the delegates to completely reorganise the Party. The Bush family, in particular, should clearly realize that their legacy is over and therefore serve back the American people through various nonprofit initiatives. It has been a great family and should do greater things by staying out of mainstream politics.

Trump has the mandate and responsibility to completely revamp the GOP. Having seen Ronald Reagan, an actor do it, there is no doubt that a successful businessman will have the common sense to do it as well. Having seen a GOP that is out of touch with the people for the two last elections, this is clearly a golden opportunity to recalibrate the future of the Party. There is no one better than a center-leaning candidate like Trump. Not only will he be able to beat Hillary Clinton in the general election with his center-leaning positions, he will also get the establishment more in touch with the people they are serving.  The reformations are not going to easy but are necessary to position the Party for future elections.

The GOP should use common sense at this point to give Donald J. Trump the mandate to reform the Party. There must be no conditions or sacred-cows imposed that would limit the scope of the reforms. The people will not give the Party another chance. If Trump gives in to the ways of the past, the GOP will be dealt a crushing defeat in November 2016.

The motto is simple “Follow the Will of the People”.



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