Donald Trump and North Korea face-off could lead to war

Donald Trump and North Korea face-off

President Donald Trump and North Korea faceoff have reached a stage where  a military conflict may be inevitable.

Since North Korea can now directly attack U.S. territories, U.S. has a right to defend itself preventively. U.S. do not need to prove that an attack was imminent.  Thus far China have increased its influence in Asia and especially in the South China Sea. A war with U.S  could impact China the most. The other countries that will be significantly affected with be as South Korea and Japan.

The mainstream media’s biases against Donald Trump could send the wrong message to North Korea and lead to war. They keep saying that America does not have the will or capability to adopt the military option. Steve Bannon’s interview on 60 minutes also hinted that U.S. is not ready to use the military option and this has led  bolder moves by North Korea.

Donald Trump must make it clear to the Korean leader to stop his nuclear program in exchange for talks. The reason is simple, U.S. is duty bound to protect its citizens and territories from any nuclear war.

South Korea

There is a remote possibility that North Korea may launch a nuclear attack on South Korea. The lost of life could be devastating where even a conventional conflict could exact a heavy price on South Korea because Seoul is within artillery range from North Korea.

Donald Trump and North Korea face-off


Japan could get embroiled with missiles launch on major Japanese cities. After Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese population cannot afford to suffer another nuclear attack. The country is already extremely upset with the fact that the North Koreans have launch ICBMs over their Islands.

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