Donald J Trump Victory and Inauguration on 20th Jan 2017

This website has been my personal yearlong journey in seeking the truth and I have found it.

The outcome has vindicated my original thinking on the subject. I got attracted to Donald J. Trump  because he came across as someone who spoke what came to his mind. It is a rare kind of honesty that can be very disheartening for some but welcoming to others. I rather somebody tell me on my face that they fear me. Sugar-coating and politeness ultimately serves no one. When we know why people fear us we can start to address those fears and clear any misconceptions.

Donald J. Trump is proof that political correctness aggravates and prolongs the problem. Ironically American Muslims have got more publicity with Donald J Trump than they could ever imagine. Their feeble voice of denouncing the radical extremist minority have suddenly taken centre stage. Sweeping differences under the carpet sends the wrong message to all communities.

Donald J Trump is probably the last person on this earth who could be called a racist. He is a businessman first and will discriminate against anyone who affects his business. Ask him for charity and he will oblige but ask him to compromise his business winning principles, he will never.

Donald J Trump is also a very frugal and value for money person. He ran his campaign on a much lower budget and won. He started by question the cost of Air Force One. It is something that his father might have taught him but it is the best thing that has happened to America. In many ways Lee Kuan Yew was also very frugal and always defended his reputation and or brand name vehemently. A machiavellian must always defend himself. Lee Kuan Yew also knew that if the majority were given a free reign they are likely to trample on the minority. He deliberately push down his own race, to provide for equal opportunities for all. He came up with schemes to bring all minorities on the negotiation table. Trump will sooner or later realize that he is a President of all Americans.

I am confident that all minorities who work with Donald J Trump will not regret and in the long run their communities will be much better off. However they will have to work hard to clinch the equal opportunities. They need to break away from the dependency mentality that the Democrats have disingenuously entrap them with. The best form of compassion is when someone teaches you how to fish rather than fish for you each time.

To end off, I would like to congratulate Donald J Trump to for his inauguration on 20th Jan 2017. I would like to urge the Black and minority communities to seize this golden opportunity to be free forever.


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