Epic Strange/Moore senate battle will decide GOP’s stance on DACA

Alabamians and Americans must not make a mistake. The senate race in Alabama is an epic election that will determine the future of the party and country. Many things has happened since the failure of Obamacare. Steve Bannon left the White House, Trump makes deals with Democrats, Trump revokes DACA and then supports the program on trump twitter.  Both President Trump and the GOP will closely monitor and take their cue from the race in Alabama to decide on DACA and Amnesty. Paul Ryan don’t want to lose his job like Eric Cantor and President Trump don’t want to lose his base. This epic Strange/Moore senate race will decide the GOP’s stance on DACA and much more.

What has changed?

Those who supported President Trump during the campaign and pushed the Nationalist agenda are gone or forced to resign. Republicans also fail to repeal and replace Obamacare. The Graham Cassidy Bill, according to Rand Paul, doesn’t repeal Obamacare or reduces government subsidies. President Trump also seems to be convinced with the liberal narrative that at least 73% Americans, are sympathetic towards DACA. Breitbart News have since discounted this sympathetic notion by reporting that the Zuckerberg-led polls are politically skewed by liberals. Make no mistake, DACA will result in 3 million illegals who will becomes citizens while there are still 7.1 million Americans unemployed and 1 million  homeless.

Nationalism, Amnesty, Wall and Americans First is at stake

What is at stake is the Nationalist agenda of  Making America First Again and draining the swamp in Washington. Luther Strange has the support of the Mitch McConnell and most of the GOP establishment. The same establishment that set up three investigations against Trump campaign, imposed Russian sanctions and distrusted the President to make changes, rejected the President’s research admin funding cuts and failed to repeal Obamacare. President Trump have previously support Paul Ryan, Rubio and McCain, only to be criticized by them at ever turn. President Trump has no choice but to back Strange because he needs Mitch McConnell to move forward the legislative agenda.

Send a clear message – Americans First, no DACA or Amnesty and built the Wall

This senate election is a very important opportunity for The People to send a clear message to Washington that:

  • Even before DACA bill is discussed, President Trump and GOP must put forward a NEW bill that will retrain and help 7.1 mil unemployed Americans get jobs. These jobs cannot be offered to illegals or DACA recipients. Another bill must take care of the 1 million homeless.
  • There will be no Amnesty or pathway to citizenship for the next 40 years, regardless of what accommodations are provided. It will not include any form of sponsorship for family members. This will send a clear message to DACA recipients that there is no hope for citizenship and serve as warning to all future illegals to also stay out.
  • In the long run the wall will be cheaper than budgeting hundreds of billions to fund programs for illegals, deportation, crime prevention, and drug related medical costs. This will send a clear message to Washington  that the wall is not negotiable
  • Make it clear to all GOP Senators that if they do not heed the will of the People, in 2018 they will face the same consequences as Strange.  It does not matter to President Trump whether Moore or Strange wins as both of them have vowed to support him.

Steve Bannon/Moore versus Mitch/Strange

It is clear that Judge Moore, similar to Jeff Sessions,  has a history of keeping with his principles and will not compromise on illegal immigration or Amnesty. Strange on the other hand is more likely to do or say anything to get elected. The choice for Alabama is obvious. The mission of The People is to drain the swamp and it starts at Alabama.


The stakes for the country are extremely high. It is Steve Bannon/Moore on one side and the Mitch/Strange swamp on the other side. The People of Alabama must give a resounding victory of at least 65% to Judge Moore so that there is no ambiguity on what the President and GOP needs do with DACA. The Democrats and GOP Establishment realizes it is a high-stakes election and are trying to influence the outcome. The People need to be vigilant and determined in draining the swamp. So go out there and vote your heart out as the longer term future of the country starts with Alabamians.

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