Excellent Strategic Moves by Trump Administration in First Few Days

A clear message to China to stop everything they are doing in South China Sea.

A clear message to the world that America will no longer work towards global trade deals. Bilateral trade deals will allow for more control and inspection on compliance. Leaders either line up to make the deals or the deals will go to those who come forward first. Also bluntly sending a message to EU, Japan and South Korea to start taking their security more seriously and taking the necessary responsibilities.

Sending a clear message to Mexico and Canada that it is no longer business as usual. These countries should pick leaders and governments who are going to work hard for their people and not rely on other countries to keep them afloat.

A clear message to Middle East, that America is 100% behind Israel and a strong hint that the status quo of the past 60 years is no longer acceptable. The policies are going to be pushed to their extreme to force a peaceful creating of a two states solution.

A clear message to United Nations that the current system of funding is not working and an overhaul is required to be accountable and effective.

A clear message to ISIS that there is going to be very little patience with the current administration.

All the actions are indicative of a new world order that is more accountable and effective for the people.





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