Fact Checking the Fact Checkers – CNN Lies

CNN has a habit of fact checking Trump campaign completely out of context.

A good example is when Trump says ‘Putin is a strong leader’. Before and after this statement Trump clearly referred to Putin as a strong leader for his country and in world stage as compared to Obama for US. That is the whole context of Trump’s argument and even after Pence has corrected Kaine and MSM, they still insist on fact checking him on the same one line.

The same thing was done couple of weeks ago where Trump was accused of saying Mexican’s were rapists. Again CNN initially fact check that he said that ALL Mexican were rapists. They deliberately included  ALL and left out the part where Trump said they were good Mexicans. He was clearly again referring to the illegal immigrant criminals who were  from Mexico.

The same thing happens on nukes. Trump said MAYBE Japan and Korea should have their own nukes. It was a hypothetical answer to a hypothetical question and MAYBE means maybe or that it is one possibility. He did not therefore said that everyone should be armed with nukes.

The same thing happens when CNN says Trump call women names. He clarified that the name calling was part of a reality TV show, with some exception, but CNN continues to broad brush him as disrespectful of women.

The same thing happens with Jake Tapper and Paul Ryan labelling Trump as racist because he said that the Judge of Mexican heritage was biased. Blacks often complain that White Judges are biased. Does that make them racist. All they want is a fair shake and the recuse system is in place to protect against possible bias. Trump clearly criticized Mexican illegals in his campaign and for that reason alone the judge could potentially be bias.

The list goes on, and it is really disgusting that a major news channel should stoop so low to relentlessly attack  Mr. Trump while leaving Hillary alone on all her lies.



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