GOP America First Agenda Unemployment Bill needed before DACA

Is the GOP America First Agenda still relevant?  The conservative revolt against a possible DACA deal shocks GOP lawmakers. It debunks Fake News narrative that 73% Americans are sympathetic towards DACA recipients. It is a wake up call for GOP lawmakers. The House Speaker must be mindful of what happened with the Dream Act some years ago.

GOP American First Agenda

GOP America First Agenda

The vicious outcry forces GOP lawmakers had to clarify that DACA deal won’t include any pathway to citizenship. Conservatives are demanding for the promise of GOP American First Agenda and Make America Great Again. The official August 2017 unemployment figure stands at 7.1 mil. Another 1 mil Americans are homeless. People are asking where is the bill to help these unemployed and homeless American.  There are also those American families and youth who are not able to afford college or university. Why is the dream of illegal immigrant more urgent then the dreams of Americans families who  are not able to put food on the table? Any argument that DACA recipients will not affect Americans is clearly dishonest and disingenuous.

GOP American First Agenda


More seriously, it is clear that the GOP America First Agenda will not offer amnesty to pathway to citizenship. It will seriously affect the demographics and future presidential elections. The deal aims to protect DACA recipients from deportation and therefore could prolong their agony. They are likely face an uncertainty future for at least 13 to 20 years. It will be wiser to explore how to immediately apply for immigration.

GOP American First Agenda

Built the Wall

The backlash shows conservatives are dead serious on the wall.  Again, it forces GOP lawmakers to clarify that the wall will ultimately be built. Unless lawmakers can come up with some novel idea, it looks like a comprehensive immigration program is dead on arrival.

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