GOP Candidates and Iowa

Cuban Americans Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are unlikely to get 44 million Hispanic votes. If you know why 1.4 million Cuban Americans strongly resent being lump together with Mexicans as Hispanic simply because they are Spanish speaking, you will also know the reason why the Mexicans will never support Cubans.

Marco Rubio may sound convincing and debates well and therefore could easily impress the people of Iowa, but can he be trusted. He is a shrewd opportunist who knows what the Republican base likes to hear. Not only has he been blatantly disloyal to his mentor, he flip flops on his position on immigration without admitting or blinking an eye, erroneously condemns Obama for everything(really?) although the situation may not be as dire as depicted,  irresponsibly mixes up personal with party funds, and have used his position to help a convicted drug trafficking brother-in-law.

Ted Cruz is unrealistic with carpet bombing and forgets that his ancestral country could have suffered a similar fate had the President then thought and behaved like him. It is only in 2015 that Obama has re-established political ties with Cuba. Should America move so quickly to elect a Cuban American President?

It appears on 29 Jan 2016 that Fox News is leaning towards Marco Rubio for Iowa to probably punish Donald Trump for boycotting the debate and Ted Cruz for being extremely anti-establishment.Whether Roger Alies contacted Donald Trump multiple times or 3 times is irrelevant. The fact is he did make a call to Donald Trump because Fox News was wrong in the first place. This fact alone vindicates Donald Trump for not attending the debate. The people of Iowa should, therefore, view his decision from a perspective of demonstrating strong and principled leadership rather than a no-show.

For America to be great again, at least economically, it appears that Donald Trump has some leadership qualities of Ronald Reagan. He will, however, need a more likable, sensitive and successful female VP (not Palin, Nikki or Fiorina) to beat Hillary Clinton. He is probably the only one who stands some chance of beating Hillary Clinton especially since it appears that this is the moment in history for a women President (unless she is indicted of course).

Jeb Bush is a gentleman and nice guy but his family legacy of Iraq 2003 will probably never give him a chance to be President. It may be best for him to step down now and with some honor rather than irresponsibly squander all the funds from donors.

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