GOP needs to listen to the will of the people

It is unbelievable that the GOP just do not get it.

Even an amateur could project Donald Trump is the only one who can beat Hillary Clinton and gives the GOP a chance to get back the White House. None of the other candidates will be able to beat Hillary as they either grossly lack experience or are more extremist than Donald Trump. While Trump may say it as it is, he has the skills to negotiate and win. Rubio has no report card whatsoever and Cruz is an extremist conservative who will further alienate minorities. It is also obvious that Cubans American are not equivalent to Mexican Hispanics and they will therefore not be able to muster those votes.

Yes, Donald Trump may have problems with minorities and women but these problems are not new to the party.  Before further damage is done, the party should quickly get behind the front runner and focus on the primaries against Hillary Clinton. It is not going to be easy but at this moment he is the only one who can possibly beat her.

At the strategic level, it is all about timing and this rare opportunity is quickly slipping.

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