Rick Santorum confident Graham Cassidy Bill will pass

‘Rick Santorum and Graham Cassidy Bill

Listening to Rick Santorum on CNN, it is clear he is intimately familiar with the Graham Cassidy bill and has done a great job in drafting the bill. It addresses most of the shortcomings of Obamacare. Americans will be better off than the systemic lack of coverage under Obamacare. If he is able to have closed-door discussions with Rand Paul, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski, there is a strong possibility that the bill could get the required votes without John McCain. John McCain bipartisan rhetorics is simply playing right into the Democrat obstructionist strategy. Jimmy Kimmel is also obviously dishonest about his objections to the bill because it has not even been officially released yet.

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On September 13, 2017, U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Bill Cassidy (R- LA), Dean Heller (R-NV), Ron Johnson (R-WI) and former U.S. Senator Rick …


Deal Making

President Trump should spare no effort to meet all of them and knock out a deal. There could be additional clauses in the bill to address all their concerns. There should be provisions for completely repealing and replacing Obamacare at the State level. Rand Paul is right that a complete repeal will be less complex and worth taking full responsibility for. The downstream fixes will also be much easier. He is also right that the government should be completely off-the-hook from providing any subsidies to insurance companies. Whenever the government interferes in the free market it becomes less efficient and typically open to abuse by the big corporations.


Susan Collins is probably more concerned with her constituents losing coverage. Here Rick Santorum could easily convince her that the new bill is better than Obamacare in every aspect. Both Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski may also against the cuts in the Planned Parenthood funding. Here again, the cuts are simply going to other woman care provisions and should be acceptable. These provisions can also be put in place at the State level.

2018 Elections

Whatever the differences may be during the closed-door discussion, one thing is clear that the Republican party will most likely lose the majority in the House during the 2018 elections if they do implement the Graham Cassidy Bill before 30 September. Republican need to put their personal differences aside and make the new bill work for their constituents without bankrupting the government. It can work if there is greater competition across state lines and if there is less government interference or subsidies. Of course, there will be challenges which the GOP will have to address as they arise.




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