Hillary Alt-Right Spin is Basically Telling All Whites that they are Supremacist

Make no mistake that what Hillary is telling Americans is basically all White man and woman that they are basically supremacist. Almost 90% white man were for Trump during the primary. Hillary is playing with dangerous racial politics that could divide the country and backfire on her campaign. She is doing this to scare her Black community base that Trump is a alt-right or all-white candidate who will go against the Black and minority community.

This is dangerous politics that could polarize the country in a way that may have never happened before. It is suggesting that Trump is bringing back the Jim Crow days. If the White community sense that Hillary’s agenda is to sell Whites as innately racist and supremacist, then all White man and woman could get together to defeat all the Blacks and minority communities. Nobody will be better off in this situation.

Americans should not make such a mistake that will make any community feel marginalized. The Whites are equally concerned that good jobs are  gone and they are also feeling left behind all over America. The solution is to revive the economy and not seek a racially divided in the country.

It should be clear to the Black community and minorities that together White man and woman will easily win the elections. Pushing this alt-right fear as supremacist and racist is going to hit at the core of the White communities feelings and could backfire. Trump can easily turn around this argument that what Hillary is saying is that all Whites who voted for him are basically racist or supremacist.

Hillary should be very very careful and should not claim that she was warned about her latest strategy. It is a dangerous fire that she will not be able to control

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