Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Polls in Iowa on 21 Jan 2016

I am surprised that David Gergen, Wolf Blitzer and others on CNN are still wondering why Hillary Clinton is suddenly behind Bernie Sanders in the polls.

It has nothing to do with Bernie Sander’s campaign or policies. The Republican’s Trojan Horse of ‘Hillary Clinton’s Email Server’ that potentially had ‘higher than top secret’ emails is taking its toll.

One week ago I was so sure that this is truly the moment for a women President in U.S. History and that Hillary Clinton is  virtually undefeatable by any Republican candidate.

Hillary Clinton’s email that asked her staff to change heading and send certain mails on an unclassified email system and then almost immediately the damning news that they were some emails that were potentially ‘higher than top secret’ has substantially damaged her trustworthiness as Command-in-Chief. Americans can easily put the two issues together and this issue alone has the potential of permanently destroying her reputation.

She needs to urgently escalate and resolve the latest email issue if she is to stop herself from sliding further down  on this extremely slippery slope.  Democrats on the other should have their eyes focused on the ‘big picture’ and therefore  avoid abandoning Hillary Clinton at all cost at this stage, as it is virtually inconceivable that a socialist Bernie Sanders will ever be able to defeat the weakest of the Republican candidate.

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