Iowa GOP Results Analysis

iowa gop

The results were largely expected.

It is yet another lost opportunity for the GOP to galvanize around candidates who at least stand some chance of defeating Hillary Clinton. In line with US history, this is really a moment for a women President. GOP’s first mistake was the inability to identify a rock solid women candidate ( definitely not Fiorina. Nikki or Palin). The second mistake by either Fox News or the RNC is to weigh in on Marco Rubio. This was obvious in the last 2 days before the caucus where Marco Rubio was given maximum publicity.

Marco Rubio is an excellent debater and that is truly the only credentials he has at this point in time. It reminds me on how I was once convinced by another smooth talker and first time Senator who promises about walking across the aisle.  It may be no fault of President Obama as he did try, but it also means that he is not cut out of the same cloth that can get serious things done at Washington, regardless of the politics. Very little of the president’s job gets done by making good speeches and winning debates. It is clear that Marco Rubio will not get anything significant changed in Washington because he is:

-An ethnic minority race backed by only 1.4 million Cuban Americans (Obama had much more)

-He will not get the 44 million Hispanic votes because of what Cubans think of Mexicans.

-He cannot be trusted as he has bitten the same hand that fed him – Jeb Bush helped him become a senator and instead of returning a favor he decided to stand against Jeb Bush. This aggressive Cuban culture may be a good thing for business but it also shows that he is an opportunist who should not be trusted with anything and least of all with the leadership of the only superpower in the world.

-He is a shrewd opportunist who will say anything the Republican base wants to hear but more seriously he does not have the drive nor experience to deliver as shown by his failed attempt on immigration and the how the lack of political experience has previously hindered Obama. He is willing to sell out the millions of undocumented Mexican and Central American illegal immigrants as he has no racial affiliation for them whatsoever.

-He cannot be trusted with money as indicated by his careless and carefree way of spending and mixing party money(public funds) with personal accounts. Even if he did not take any money, it is a good indicator that he should not be trusted.

-He has shown that he is capable of using his public office standing to dish out favors to his own family members as in the case of his brother-in-law who was trafficking drugs. It clearly shows that he has exercised poor judgment as a drug trafficker, unlike a drug consumer, destroys many more young kids and families and is the most sinful criminal activity. The brother-in-law should have found his own way to rehabilitate himself rather than depend on the position of Marco Rubio.

-America on recently established diplomatic ties with Cuba, a communist regime. Racial affiliations and ties run deep. Is it not too risky to elect Cuban Americans at this point in time?

The main issue that is affecting most Americans is the economy as there are many living in worse financial situations than those in new first world countries in Asia like Singapore and Korea. What America and the GOP need is a strong leader who dares to say and do things that may not be politically correct but honest and necessary and especially with regards to the economy. It is quite obvious that both Cuban Americans, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have no experience in the economy.

It is still not too late for Republicans to choose the right candidate but the time is running out. Once the downhill momentum accelerates there is no leeway to change course.

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