Judeo-Christian Values – Walls or Bridges

Hardly 26 years have passed since the Berlin Wall came down and the world has started to build walls again. What have we or will we ever learn from history?

Kudos to the Pope for being so direct that it is not Christian to build walls between communities or countries. When we contrast the proceedings of the funeral mass of Antonin Scalia with the rhetorics of the immigration controversy one can’t help but sense the deep internal conflict within the very soul of the conservative Republican Party and its base.

It is indeed ironical that all the Republican Presidential candidates who are suppose to be more religious or conservatives are thriving in the polls because of tougher policies against illegal immigrants. Most of them also support the wall or fences. While Marco Rubio also wants to build the wall, he also does not want to lose the Catholic votes and therefore was very careful on how he responded to the Pope’s remarks. Clearly if he is a true Catholic, he cannot say that the Pope was wrong.

It could be justifiably argued that they are in fact against illegal immigration and not immigration in general. However their tougher stand sends a clear message that they indeed may not share the same spirit of the Pope and the Judeo-Christian values of building bridges. It sends a stronger message that immigrants are generally no longer welcomed. It is true that there are many serious challenges with regards to illegal immigration  but could these be better overcomed by bridges rather then walls.

Little do many of them realize that they were all immigrants and their forefathers could also technically be called ‘illegals’. Had the United States then not have an open policy towards immigration, many of them would still be in their home countries. Everyone wants a better life for their next generations.

There is no denying that these are tougher times for even those born in the Untied States but if the Judeo-Christians truly believe that it is God who provides for all and not humans then we should always know the right thing to do. It could well be that such selfish policies since 9/11 are indeed the root cause for the gradual decline of the United States.

It is hoped that one day America will relive again its gloriest past rather then hide behind the notion of security as a excuse by the present generation to selfishly discriminate against the rest of humanity and their freedom to seek the equal opportunity and contribute towards the success of this great nation. There are more people killed by guns than by terrorism.

In the long run it will be America’s loss if these barriers to open and equal opportunity globally are not irradicated  as it will ultimately not be led by the best but by mediocracy.

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