MainStream Media Strategy – Fact Checking Lies

It is becoming increasing clear that the MainStream Media (MSM) has a strategy to defeat Trump. The strategy is to bring down the trustworthiness factor of Donald J. Trump. The target for this strategy are the woman, blacks and minorities. The reason is simple. Hillary’s trustworthiness is low and they realize that they cannot improve her ratings because of the email, Benghazi, Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton’s scandals.

They are bring down his trustworthiness rating by doing the fact checking of his every statement. The latest is that they are even fact checking his every statement at the rallies, most recently in Wisconsin, and are using all kind of so called experts to quickly conclude that his speeches are false. They are not really interested in the subject but are interested in just sticking the perception that he is peddling false all the time. A case in point is Trump’s position on the Iraq war. Despite Trump campaign referring to a latest video clip in 2003, and before the war, where Trump was against the war, MSM still fact checks him as false based on a single statement in a 2002 video. The fact that Google is tweaking with search algorithm again does not requires an expert but simply by doing our own search on Google and Bing on anything about Hillary and Trump.  You will see the disparity immediately.

MSM have even stooped so low to fact check true against Trump based on hearsay evidence. Despite not having the proof of Mr Trump calling Alicia Machado Ms Piggy or Housekeeping, MSM has fact checked that as true. Her own background has not been scrutinized before using her to discredit Trump.

Trump should not fall into the trap of the MSM. He should take immediate legal actions on the fact checking lies by presenting the facts. If MSM outlets do not apologize or take down the false fact checks, he should sue them. It is very important to uphold his integrity and trustworthiness.

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