Media Spins Hillary As Victim for Bill’s Sex Scandals and Lies – Disgusting Selective News

What the mainstream media hides from the American people is truth and it is really disgusting.

Even if Americans were to read the highly selective and bias Washington Post (WAPO) summary of Bill’s scandals, it still provides Americans sufficient information on what Hillary Clinton did to the victims of the sexual excesses.

It is one thing to be a victim and forgive, and another to blatantly defend a lying serial predator and attacking the woman victims repeatedly. The key word in REPEATEDLY. Even after losing the legal cases and  paying $850,000, Hillary continued to defend Bill Clinton and VICIOUSLY attack the woman victims. Americans should seriously ask who were real the victims of such a vicious serial sexual abuser. Was Hillary the victim or was it these woman who Bill Clinton took advantage of and psychologically destroyed for the rest of their lives.

Honestly I think that Hillary and Bill Clinton’s marriage is one of convenience and shrouded with in a lot of secrecy and/or insecurity. The WAPO report suggests that Hillary was aware of Bill Clinton’s excesses with woman even before they got married. Hillary knew and probably had her own affairs before they got married. There are some rumors that Chelsea Clinton may be the child of someone else. This rumor lends some credibility to the fact that Chelsea is the only child. This could mean one of four possibilities. One, that Hillary and Bill did not have a close sexual relationship from very early for some reason or the other. Secondly, that Bill Clinton could not  forgive Hillary for sleeping with some else, that is, if the rumor was true. The third reason could be that they simply wanted to have a single child, which however, is highly unlike for Presidential families. Finally there could also be the reason that Bill Clinton may be impotent.

Whatever the reasons the only known truths are that Chelsea Clinton is the only child and  Bill is extremely active sexual abuser.

The notion that Hillary and Bill did not have a close sexual relationship is strongly supported by the fact that they only have Chelsea and that he was very sexually active with many woman. Sometimes if the man cannot get sex at home, he may not have a choice but to look else where.

The notion that Hillary may have her own scandals and could have conceived Chelsea out of a scandal would support the rumor, but more importantly would explain why she is ready to repeatedly forgive Bill for his blatant and disgusting excesses. Most White woman would have given up on the marriage long ago. However there are some woman who could keep the relationship going for the sack of the child and the practical necessity of supporting the career and maintaining their livelihood. However this would mean that there will not be much sex at home and could explain his repeated excesses.  Another reason that could be that Hillary may have a deep seated sense of insecurity with relationships. The insecurity would explain why she go married to him despite knowing about his interest in other woman.

The notion of only having one child could also be explained by their busy public lifestyle.

Finally the notion that Bill Clinton is impotent, would strongly support the rumor.

Whatever the reasons, the fact is that Hillary Clinton had a choice of walking out of the relationship or demanding that Bill behaved himself. Surely he had an equal responsibility for keeping the marriage. Unfortunately, she did not walk out and repeatedly failed to control his excesses  and instead chose to viciously attack and discredit all the woman victims.

Whether it is infidelity by Bill or Hillary, her insecurity or incapability of controlling Bill, it is morally and ethically dishonest and vindictive for Hillary Clinton to viciously attack all the woman victims.  Why should the media defend Hillary asa victim and disregard the rest of the woman who were abused by Bill Clinton.

The media and Trump should get all these woman to publicly share their humiliation by Bill and Hillary Clinton. While we may never know what is real reason for Bill’s excesses and Hillary’s indifference to his extremely abusive and dishonest behavior repeated . my own assessment is Hillary Clinton is far from the victim and more likely main character responsible for the breakdown in the family’s relationships and the repeated excesses by Bill Clinton and attacking all the woman.

Hillary has so many flaws in her characters that she will be dangerous in the White House. The couple is known to repeatedly lie to the American people, and Hillary in particular is extremely insecure and poor judge of bad character or maintaining a certain level of discipline and responsibility  withing the family.




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