Why Minorities will Be Better Off in a Trump Presidency

First and foremost, Trump is a straight shooter. He does not mince or sugar coat his words. He tells it as it comes to his mind. So if you really want to know what goes through a typical White mind, then listen closely to what Trump says. Is it always good and positive, obviously not. Ethnocentric thinking is common with all races and Whites are no different. Why is this good for minorities?

Well firstly, we at least can get to know what are these fears and concerns, honestly and directly. This allows us to better engage and address these fears and clarify the way ahead for the community and country. Trump has the uncanny ability to bring into focus the key issues facing all the races and communities. He will start the fiery dialogue and force all of us out from our comfort zones. At the end of the day he is master negotiator and will keep an open mind to find a pragmatic solution for all communities and the country.

It may be ironical but Muslims for the first time are being better understood by openly distancing themselves from radicals who have hijacked their religion. What has caused them to come out and defend their religion is precisely because Trump has boldly addressed the radicals by calling them out.

Blacks will also be better off in openly and directly facing the issues facing their community. They have been repeated assured by Democrats for success and development in step with the country but always get left behind. The way forever is to remove all the sugar-coating and directly address the discrimination and fears between the communities. The leaders in Black community need to take charge and transform their communities from within. They need to take things in their own hand.

Jake Tapper and Ryan accusing Trump of racism is as good as saying that when Blacks complain against a White judge will be bias against Blacks. Are these Blacks racists? Obviously not as they are genuinely concerned because of their past experiences with Ethnocentrism. It is why the recuse system is there to safeguard against such biases. Is it fair to  say that a judge with Mexican heritage may be bias because Trump’s policies are strongly against the southern border with Mexico. The answer is certainly affirmative.

If you really want to know what Democrats really think about minorities, just look at the private emails of John Podesta. Blacks and Hispanics should seriously read between the lines and reflect deeply on what they want for their future generations and whether they will ever arrive under a Democratic Presidency.

Why am I confident that at the end of the day Trump’s solutions and decisions will be pragmatic and inclusive. He is a businessman first and then a White American. He does not have any ideological baggage as that is not his personality. He is the last person on this earth who can be accused of any form of ideological bigotry.


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