Mitch/Strange versus Steve Bannon /Moore for Alabama senate race

President Trump has no choice but to agree with Mitch McConnell to get his cooperation for the ongoing legislation. To President Trump, it actually does not matter whether Strange or Judge Moore wins the senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions. Both has agreed to support President Trump. Steve Bannon backs Judge Moore while Mitch backs Strange.

Moore versus Strange

Based on their background, it is clear that Judge Moore is more principled while Strange is wiling to say anything to get elected. Recent evidence on Breitbart shows that Strange profits from EB-5 Visa that gives citizenship mainly to rich Chinese. He is therefore weaker on immigration.

Steve Bannon versus Mitch McConnell

So how should Alabamians decide? Firstly it is clear that Mitch McConnell cannot be trusted to support President Trump. He deliberately supported the Russian sanctions and Research Fund legislation that seriously restricted President Trump’s executive powers. GOP leadership also completely rejected the President’s proposal to cut Research Admin Funds. Many Universities are sitting on billions of dollars cash while the country is in debt. So it is clear that anyone that Mitch McConnell or the GOP extablishment supports should not be trusted.

So Steve Bannon is right.  To President Trump, it does not matter who wins as both agree to support him. The choice is therefore obvious that Judge Moore should be elected.



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