Neither party can claim the high road on morality. Bil was guilty in Monica Lewinsky case, lied about it and was caught red-handed. Hillary Clinton has her own set of moral scandals.

Yet the media wants to make morality the main issue in this campaign because it sells and helps to sway woman voters. At the same time they refuse to talk about Bill Clinton’s affairs or even his blatant lying.

Hillary Clinton was not able to win woman voters so the campaign decided to run Trump down to Bill Clinton’s level.

Trump has led a playboy-like life as a celebrity and it is expected that he came into contact with lots of woman. The allegations are not surprising.

The issue is not about Trump’s character, as he has not been convicted for any of such allegations. It is about the serious issues facing the country.

So woman voters who care about morality should firstly be aware that Bill Clinton will be occupying the White House if Hillary wins. He has been guilty in the Monica Lewinsky of sexual misconduct, lied about it and was caught. He is a confirmed sexual abuser and is going to be rewarded to be in the White House again despite the morality concerns. Michelle Obama is merely putting up a charade because she failed to highlight the abuses of Bill Clinton who has in fact actually abused a woman in the White House. She should shudder at the thought that he actually abuse Monica at the place she currently lives.

The issue is in fact about the country. The economy, justices, ISIS, borders and corruption.

Woman voters should think clearly what the Media and DNC is feeding you daily. It is to distract you from the broken and corrupt system under the democrats. The country is in $20 Trillion debt. The stakes are very high and it is important that you make the right decision.




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