MSM driving wedge between Trump, Jeff Sessions, Gen Kelly

There will always be major differences within a family. It is not easy to lead the highest office of the most power country in the world. The Command-in-Chief will have to exact the highest quality of programs and work so that the government can serve 330 million people. Tempers will fly and arguments are inevitable. As opportunists, MSM driving wedge between Trump, Jeff Sessions,  Gen Kelly.

Tabloid News

To gossip about such arguments and differences on national news for hours is not only distasteful but beneath the quality of responsible and professional journalism. If the Americans wants to read gossip, they can explore tabloid news agencies that specialize in such areas.


More seriously, White House and the Department of Justice must find a way to seek out and fire the leakers of such private and privileged information. The government needs to focus on its national agenda. Such distractions only serve to sap out the energy of the leaders and make that much more difficult to lead. Leaking private information from the White House is very serious and could compromise the effectiveness and integrity of the institution. General Kelly needs to speedily root out these nefarious elements.

Jeff Sessions and Gen Kelly should not have a problem identifying the leakers as they are likely to be staffers close to them. Maybe it is time that Jeff Sessions implemented the much rumoured lie detectors test to catch these culprits.

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