National Anthem protest – a childish and extremely shameful act

Childish and shameful

It is childish and shameful for any sportsman to disrespect the National Anthem or Flag as a form of protest. The national anthem and the flag represent the ultimate sacrifice by millions of Americans who defended and continue to defend the country so that all Americans can be free from oppression and tyranny. It is unfortunate that some of these sportsmen did not serve in the military. If they did, they will better understand or appreciate the sacrifice soldiers make to keep the country safe and free.

National Anthem represents ultimate sacrifice

If these rich players are serious about social justice, they should use their wealth to start programs to help. By protesting against the flag and anthem, they are disrespecting millions of Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend the very freedom they enjoy today. These sportsmen should live in some third world countries to really appreciate the freedom that they take for granted. There can be no excuse for such childish and shameful behavior whatsoever. If they are not happy with the freedom and equality they enjoy in America, they have a choice to go and live in any other country. Politicizing or trivializing the ultimate sacrifice is unforgivable, regardless of the 1st Amendment right. They should listen to Judge Jeanine Pirro below:

You’re Fired!

Commenting on the protests, President Trump says ‘That’s a total disrespect for everything we stand for”.  He urged team owners to fire players who disrespect the flag or the national anthem. Not only are these sportsman disrespectful of the ultimate sacrifice, they also affect the profitability by turning away some fans.


Trump Says N.F.L. Players Who Take a Knee During National Anthem Should Be Fired

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