World and North Korea’s Hydrogen Bomb

It is indeed naive for US to rely on China to reign-in the North Korean Leader. One does not need deep insights to postulate that the Chinese and North Korean  Administrations could well be projecting public charades of differences when in fact in the background there might be a great deal of collusion or collaboration. It will also not be surprising that Chinese has been secretly supporting North Koreans to develop their nuclear technology.

I am seldom an advocate of military action but rather then denying that it was a hydrogen bomb, it will be in America’s strategic interest to escalate the conflict and unilaterally declare war on North Korea. America has the capacity and sufficient strategic justification and moral high ground to directly destroy all nuclear facilities in North Korea. In fact, America is duty bound to defend South Korea and Japan. With potential missile capability to reach the west coast of America, the US national interest alone is sufficient reason to directly take immediate decisive actions.

This strategic move will not only serve to indirectly warn Iran of any ambitions they might have and allow US to exercise greater influence to put in check the significant rise of China in Asia. It will also allow US to test some of the technologies that could be used to directly destroy nuclear facilities.

Globally there will also be signficant support to take decisive action against the North Korean regime. Almost all countries in Asia will welcome the action unless there is a high probability of a nuclear fallout that could directly affect them. There may also be some criticism that the American are quick to take extreme risks with Asian life’s as they have done so in the past in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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