President Obama’s State of Union Address on 12th Jan 2016

Nothing  new from President Obama with the exception of admitting that he has failed to walk  across the aisle and getting bi-partisan support as he had promised during his first campaign. My assessment is it is less of his fault and more of former Speaker John Boehner leadership failures in reining-in his fragmented party or delivering on any agreements with the President.  After the initial few failures, President basically gave up and felt he could not wait if he was to make any change.

I agree with David Gergen on CNN that it is a strategic mistake for President Obama not to mention about the 10 Americans held by Iran. It is bad timing, but a President that is open and transparent to the American people is absolutely important to gain their trust.

I also think he has hinted on what he might be doing after he steps down. He will probably continue to try become an American first,  by working in areas he has failed, like getting bi-partisan agreements for America’s long term interest. In many ways it is true that strategically America has been either making bad decisions or making no progress in the last 10 years due to partisan politics where the real winners have been China, Russia, India, Iran and other adversaries.

Fox News on 13 jan 2016 again failed to provide a balanced analysis. By bringing in Julie to try moderate the extremely conservative panel it is clear that they are mere charades. It only shouts louder that the conservatives will never be able to find anything positive from anyone else so long as it does not come from a Republican. They is indeed amazing that they did not find anything positive from the President’s speech. I am therefore not surprise that an outsider like Donald Trump is winning in the polls. I think Fox News is doing a great disservice to the Republican Party and by insulting the common sense and basic intelligence of most Americans.

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