President Trump & Affordable Care

Repealing Obamacare is inevitable and GOP will soon take ownership of the Affordable Care. It may not be fair as it was the Democrats who created this mess, but that is the political reality.

GOP has a choice of between cleanly breaking away from it or improving on it by keep some parts of Obamacare.

Since they are going to take ownership of the new solution, politically it makes sense to completely repeal every aspect of Obamacare, including pre-existing illnesses. The reason is simple, whatever the financial permutation, maintaining any aspect of Obamacare social promises will keep the govt hooked on to the Healthcare system. Obamacare has shown that anything that the government interferes in usually becomes less efficient and wasteful. Some physicians admit providing less services and earning more through the bureaucratic system.

GOP needs to come up with a more novel solution to include medical insurance to pre-existing illnesses without hooking up the govt to support the system. Exceptions will also need to be made for veterans and low income earners. The main problem lies with low income earners or those out of job. Here the policies will have to be designed to provide a safety net for families without the necessary resources due to temporary circumstances. The scheme could be designed where, their salary contribution has two components. The first component is for basic medical insurance and the other portion is accumulated for old age and when they are out of job. some credit cards already provide some relief for some billing during for periods of unemployment at very low premiums. It is all an issue of probability as far as the insurance companies are concerned. There is potential to remain profitable based on such probability dynamics.

The most important philosophy behind quality healthcare is that it is not reduced to a social service where everyone is worst off because the system cannot be sustained. It is important to retain the philosophy that healthcare is ultimately a personal responsibility both in terms to taking care of oneself and earning the means to enjoy quality health care. Left as a social service, healthcare will degenerate to an entitlement that will be open to abuse by the majority, unsustainable in the long run and will lack the quality.

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