President Trump defeats Fake News/Mayor on Puerto Rico crisis

President Trump and Congresswoman Jennifer Gonzalez-Colon

Both the Governor and Congresswoman Jennifer Gonzales-Colon leveled praises on FEMA and first responders. President invited Congresswoman to say it herself what she had earlier shared with him. She was most grateful and added that FEMA was already in Puerto Rico before the first storm and stayed on. The President then relentlessly complimented and motivated FEMA officials for the dedication and commitment to their tasks. Mayor of San Juan was visibly present at the meeting but must be embarrassed by the Congresswoman’s most appreciative and nice words for the first responders.

CNN itself is also now reporting that San Juan itself has significantly turned the corner. It is indeed unfortunate that the Mayor of the city that received the best support and recovering well, would play politics. She was often found outside of the city and missed most of the FEMA meetings.

Fake News

Unfortunately, Fake News has not gone away. It started with CNN Leyla narrating on National News that one Mayor shared with her that someone who did not receive aid was eating dog food. None of this reporting was backed up the Mayor or the person itself. CNN Sanjay then went on another rant claiming that people are still dying and that one hospital is running out of fuel. Again the whole narrative not backed up by any evidence or video. This is after Dr Sanjay Gupta has become a deliveryman a few days ago, trying to project the perception that the situation was dire. CNN then get Congressman Luiz Gueterez to warn the President that more are going to die in the next few weeks. It is indeed appalling that a former Puerto Rican and a Congressman would hope to be right that more are going to die?

President side-stepped Fake News

By getting the Congresswoman to say it herself, the President has again made the fake news channels look like amateurs pedalling false narratives. Clearly, the situation in Puerto Rico is challenging but not dire. The President also compared the 16 deaths after Hurricane Maria to 1083 deaths after Hurricane Katrina. The People are completely losing faith in the mainstream media. It is about time they start doing some soulsearching and find a way to remain relevant.


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