President Trump on Illegal Immigration and the Border Wall

No country in this world supports illegal immigration. America is probably the only country that allows it to persist indefinitely. Those cities and Americans who support illegal immigration are those who benefit directly from it. It is clear that California and New York support sanctuary cities because such program help the local economy and get them additional federal funding. These cities also get a ready pool of cheap labor to carry out jobs that citizens do not want to accept.

The illegal immigration issue also has a political dimension that is often not discussed. If 11 millions illegals were to be given citizenship, they will automatically be eligible to vote for the party that supported their path to citizenship. Obama’s DACA program was a clever move to sway the illegal left-behind children towards the Democratic party. The political stakes are so high that the immigration issue may not get resolved even in the next 4 years.

Another problem with the illegal immigration is that whatever policy decision is made on the current illegals will have implications on future illegal immigrants. If the pathway to citizenship for DACA children is given, more Latin American and Asian parents will start leaving their children behind. Similarly, if all 11 million are given amnesty, there is greater likelihood that more illegals will find their way into America.

President Trump is therefore making all  the right moves. He is firstly securing the southern border and tightening on laws that govern illegal immigrants and overstayers. So long as the illegals can find their way into America and there are cities or States that continue to support ‘sanctuaries’, the problem will not go away. The border walls will not only make it difficult for illegal immigrants to come in, it will also prevent drugs from pouring into the US. The border wall will also allow greater control on crime and drugs activities in the vicinity of the southern border. The defunding of sanctuary cities and outlawing the harbouring of illegals will go long way in cleaning up the drugs, crimes and gangs in the inner cities.

Having secured the border and therefore the inflow of new illegal immigrants, only then can Congress start working on a long lasting immigration policy. The only way the GOP and DNC could come to any agreement on a comprehensive immigration policy is by denying the 11 millions the right to vote for at least the next 10-20 years. An such agreement will however be in violation of  numerous current statutes in the U.S.  constitution. It will require a major bill to progressively give amnesty to the illegal immigrants. Alternatively, the illegals immigrant could be given a choice to voluntarily get at the end of the queue where they will have to compete with the existing pool for talent and needs of the U.S. economy.




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