President Trump Infrastructure Development

America simply cannot afford to rebuild its existing  roads and bridges.

President Trump needs to start building the infrastructure for the future. To compete in the future world, America needs to compete with costs, speed and effectiveness. American businesses need to transport their goods more cheaply, faster and when it is still most relevant to anywhere on the globe and in large sustainable capacity.

One possible vision is having extremely high speed bullet trains across North America that are sustained by renewal energy sources.

How about another vision another vision of high extremely high speed bullet trains across North and South America. Notice the sudden change in scale of the project and its far reaching benefits.

How about another vision of round the clock extremely high speed train to Sapporo Japan  either through Russia or direct from the further reaches of Alaska.  Is such a feat challenging? Of course, but it will also be very rewarding in the distant future.

Trump Administration need to start the ground work and take a lead in such global initiatives that will provide access to American goods across the world.


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