President Trump & Mainstream Media

It is a war like no other in US history.

It use to be that MSM enjoyed the trust of the people. That trust is, for all intent and purposes, gone.

Donald J Trump have turned the tables on the MSM.

Out or all the main news channels only Fox News is barely surviving with its viewers trusting it. All the rest have been given the thumbs down by the People.

We could trace this back to the campaign season, where the MSM relentlessly attacked Trump while letting Hillary get away with serious mistakes. The worst mistake made was to called the election as a victory for Hillary based on the polls. As we all now know that was the biggest mistake. CNN in particular often has 1 Trump strategist being mauled by 4 to 5 democrat strategists. All the anchors with the exception of Bergman and Bolduan, were strongly against Trump and favored Hillary.

To gain the trust of the people, the MSM needs to make a major transformation. Firstly they need to remove all bias anchors. They can take their benchmark as Bergman and Bolduan as these two on their show as favoring neither Republicans or Democrats.

Secondly, the panelist need to be evenly balanced from conservative and liberal news outlets. The anchor should moderate, but like BBC radio, let the viewers decide who has a more compelling argument.

Time for MSM to do some soul searching.


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