President Trump Rocks United Nations with best speech ever

President Trump did not mince word for rogue nations.  Not at all apologetic, he double downs on all his policies and initiatives until today. The UN General Assembly was shellshocked and could not believe their ears. President Trump rocks United National which many say was one of the best he has ever delivered. Trump Rocket Man name for the North Korean leader is also very popular and had gone viral on social media. Listen to speech by following  this UN Speech hyperlink.

North Korea’s Trump Rocket Man

Even though the North Korean delegation was sitting right in front of him, he did not hesitate to say that U.S. will completely destroy North Korea to defend itself and its allies. The message could not be clearer when he says the Rocket Man, referring to Kim Jong Un, is on a suicide mission for himself.


He also says that the Iran nuclear deal is one of the worst deal U.S. has ever made and it is an embarrassment to the country. The statement makes Obama Administration as virtually incompetent. Benjamin  Netanyahu  certainly liked the speech and praises President for on of the best speech he has ever heard at the United Nations.

Trump Supporters

Certainly Trump supporters are very happy with the speech. Many political commentators also feel that it is about time the President makes it to clear to North Korea that there are no other options. Comply or get totally destroyed. In many ways Gen Mattis has sent the same message to the North Korean regime.

Trump Rocket Man

Social Media

The social media explodes with praises for President Trump on the no-words-barred speech. The word Rocket Man is also  very popular with many supporters creating some interest images of the North Korean leader.  Trump’s Rocket Man was also the name given to former North Korean leader. It is also linked to the Elton John’s song. Rocket Man.

Fake News

While Trump’s UN speech was excellent, there will always be fake liberal news around and no one can summarize it better than Gutfeld. Click on the video below and enjoy.

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