Professional Journalism at Fox News

I recently decided to listen to Fox News and could not help but notice the extremely biased and often rude coverage of literally anything the President and Democrat Party says or does. It is almost as if almost all the reporters are living in a different planet where no one else can be doing anything right while the GOP and Fox News is always right on everything. While CNN may also be partisan, they at least have genuine GOP strategist who seriously help to balance the perspectives.  I cannot imagine how O’Rielly Factor could even be rated as number one. For example, the general consensus was Hillary Clinton had one of her best performances during CNN town hall on 26 Jan 2016 while Bill O’Reilly  continues to vehemerently disagree and without anything positive to say or substantiate his position.

I am not surprise with Donald Trump’s comments about the lack of professionalism journalism at Fox News. I am personally also amazed how could Fox News continue to claim to be a fair and balanced News channel and yet report such biased and wantonly  insulting news to Americans. Unfortunately such unchallenged and baseless rantings overtime tends to be accepted as the truth.  The poor quality was especially demonstrated by nasty comments about allegedly secret news leaks relating to Putin and Donald Trump. What is more serious is how Fox News seems to always get away with most of their most insulting and rude comments. Fox News management should seriously use the current crisis to shake up or retrain their news reporters. If this does not gets fixed soon, it’s long run standing is going to seriously suffer. Americans are able to see through the current charades and negative reporting. It is time Fox News gets moderated on their extremely unrealistic and destructive approach to reporting.

On 27 Jan 2016 Fox News reporters seems to be disappointed with Trump’s absence and yet feel they should defend their reporters at all cost. Can there be win win compromise. Sure, but will Roger Alies be able to see through the issue —unlikely. Is to much to unequivocally apologize for the nasty comments which were wrong and most unprofessional. Trump, in fact is justifiably most upset with those nasty comments. Also what is more disturbing is the fact that the reporters have a blank check that they can be blatantly wrong and will still be defended. This is not only dangerous but also a long run self defeating strategy.

I respect women reporters but the lot that Fox News has gathered seems to want to prove that they can be more loud, aggressive and  ‘wacho’ (female of macho) than their male counterparts. They are doing a great disservice to the real strength of women being more  empathetic, socially sensitive, intuitively rational and capable of building bridges. Instead, the lot at Fox News are more rude, insanely gun-loving, insensitive and baised then their male counterparts.

So far the only Fox News reporter who seems to provide a fairly balanced view is Chris Wallace.

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