Reporters/Social Media deliberately stalking President Trump’s lawyers

It is clear that mainstream media have now decided to disrupt and smear Trump’s lawyers knowing that Special Counsel Mueller has an extremely weak case on the obstruction  of Justice for firing James Comey. Special counsel Mueller especially has an even more difficult case to make because he did have a close relationship with James Comey. The American People are going to see through any bias he may have against President Trump.  The only information Mueller has against President Trump is his own statement made to a reporter that he fired him because of the Russian investigation. Even here what President Trump meant was that it that there was clearly no evidence and James Comey was simply dragging the investigation and therefore affecting his more important agenda of Making America Greater Again.

It is also clear that there is no evidence whatsoever with regards to a Russian collusion with Trump Campaign. There is consensus among most lawyers that it is extremely difficult to prove any form of collusion. The only evidence they have is Trump Jr’s meeting with a Russian lawyer. It is also clear that there was no information on Hillary Clinton provided to any members of the Trump campaign by the Russians.

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