Russia proposed full normalization with US under Trump, Kremlin says – Is it Surprising – Fake News Thinks So?

Both Russia and U.S. stood to benefit from a concerted effort against ISIS. There is nothing wrong for President Trump to reach out to Russia after he won the Presidency.  Gen Flynn meeting or taking of calls from the Russians is perfectly normal for the new administration.

It is the GOP that is gullible enough to play into the Democrats agenda of obstructing any initiative that President Trump wants to advance. Not only did they went against the President, they staffed and speedily approve new sanctions against Russia and even drafted the legislation in such a way that prevents President Trump from taking any other strategic initiatives with the Russians.

Ultimately it is the GOP that is going to look very bad in terms of advancing international diplomacy and effectively tackling ISIS. It is amazing that President Trump have win the majority in both Houses and they still cannot trust him to Make America Great Again.

President Trump is a cleared eyed who can bring about unprecedented advancement for America strategically. He could have even helped to resolve the Russian-Ukriane conflict. He is not ideological and genuinely cares for the American People.

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