Senator Cassidy clear winner on CNN health care debate

Senator Cassidy, a physician, came across as the most knowledgeable and genuine at the health care debate. Americans should take a leap of faith with him because he genuinely cares about all groups of people. He was articulate and have considered most of the important aspects of the healthcare needs. He is urging innovation and State-Level management to provide services to all Americans. The current one size fits all will not only leave many in greater difficulties in paying penalties but also bankrupt the country.

Bernier Sanders and Senator Klobuchar are simply pandering to the emotions and fears of Americans. Socialism has never worked and will never work. They have no constructive ideas to offer and Obamacare is going to fail soon.  This is not about individual emotions, this is about collective responsibility and increasing access through innovation and competition. When the federal government manages anything it becomes less efficient and more costly. The pharma and insurance companies love it when the government is involved because they know the government will keep paying.

Senator Susan Collins should be listening to the debate carefully. She is opposing the bill simply because she does not understand it and keeps saying that she does not have enough information. It is about time that the people of Maine understand that she is probably going to get nothing significant done for her constituents. After listening to Senator Cassidy it is inconceivable that she would object to the bill because there are no other credible alternatives. As for Senator Rand Paul, he is not wrong that there is no repeal or a complete break from the government involvement. He needs to understand that  Obamacare has entangled the system so badly that it cannot get resolved at once. It will take time to get the government completely off the hook. Provisions should be made in the bill to take care of that.

The Graham Cassidy bill is a  great effort and an important opportunity for the GOP to move forward and get something done. There will never be a perfect plan and there will always be difficulties. It is important to keep moving forward and get the job done. Millions of Americans are keeping their faith in Congress. A GOP-lead government should not let them down.


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