Steve Bannon on 60-minutes calls Hillary Clinton not smart. Why?

President Trump and Steve Bannon share some certain traits. They both like to get to the core issue without any political correctness, fear or favour. Steven Bannon on 60 minutes calls Hillary Clinton not smart.

After spending a billion dollars and writing a book, Hillary Clinton still don’t know why she lost. She is right that white men and woman abandoned her, but still cannot figure out why.

Lets reflect back 1 year on what Americans were concerned with. The was economy was weak, unemployment was still high and there was a sudden rise in terrorist attacks by Islamic extremists in America and by ISIS in the MiddleEast.

What did Hillary Clinton do? She invites Khizr Khan, a muslim on stage, to openly ridicule the GOP nominee and his anti-islamic terrorism rhetoric. She then uses another immigrant,  Alicia Macado, to level misogynistic accusations against candidate Trump. Hillary Clinton fails to realize that 64% of Americans are still white men and women unhappy with the government globalization, and genuinely fearful for their children and family’s security. To make matter worse she branded most Whites as racist and deplorable. We simply have to picture all these against the backdrop of the Orlando Nightclub massacre and the rest is history.

Another equally important factor was the vacant seat in the Supreme Court. Most white conservative Americans were feeling that the America Christian heritage and value system was quickly slipping away and they stand to loose bigly if the balance in the Supreme Court was tipped agains the conservatives. They were willing to ignore any so called sexist overtures by President Trump to save the country from losing its Christian values.

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