Trump is Not a Racist

Jake Tapper has wrongly accused Trump’s remarks about a judge with Mexican heritage as a definition of racism and Paul Ryan was equally ignorant in accusing Trump for racism.

As a defendant,  Trump’s remark were simply to suggest that a judge with a Mexican heritage could potentially be biased because his campaign has been critical on issues on the southern border with Mexico and that he plans to make Mexico pay for the proposed wall. Many Blacks have often accused White judges for being bias. Does that mean that these Blacks are racist?  We need to be aware that all humans are to a certain extent ethnocentric. The recuse system was created to address any possible reasons that could affect judgement and therefore prevent the defendant from getting a fair trial.

As a businessman Trump cannot afford to be a racist as it will end up affecting his business. He needs to hire the best people for his business and is known to have hired all races and woman.


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