Trump, NFL protests & Fake News are uniting the country

If you want to prove whether fakes news exists or not, you have to go no further. The NFL controversy provides ample proof.  Throughout Sunday, the Fake liberal news channels project images supporting the Nation Anthem protesters.  They show kneeling images and solidarity amongst the NFL leadership and owners.  The reality on social media is completely different. Fans were burning jerseys, booing the kneelers and turning off their TVs. Therefore it is not surprising that Trump, NFL protests, and Fake News are uniting the country.

NFL Protests

NFL organization, players, news media reporters and staff does not even add up to 1 million Americans. For the sake of argument, let’s give them another 35 million or 13 percent who simply hate the Country’s National Flag, and Anthem to the point of disrespecting it.  The actual figure is much lower because it is an extremist position to reach where you are willing to disrespect the core values of the country. This is a reasonable assumption because throughout 2016 there were at most dozen NFL protesters. At most, there are only 14% Americans who believe it is justifiable to protest against social injustice by disrespecting the Country, Flag, and National anthem. This is not to say that there is no social injustice.

Fans & Social Media Polls

The question to ask is whether NFL is the right forum and whether the Anthem is appropriate to attack? On this count, there is a great degree of consensus with both parties and majority of Americans that it is not the right forum and clearly not the right symbols to disrespect.  One can get this sense by simply reviewing all the polls on social media or by reading through all the objections. While there are many political bigots who will vouch for one way or the other, the vast majority are simply frustrated. The informal polls on Twitter show that more than 90% object to the National anthem protests. Thanks to Kapernavich,  NFL has now become a political football. People simply cannot find any other outlet to get together.

President Trump

President Trump did use some strong language, but that’s the kind of language players use in the locker rooms anyway. To even suggest that its a racist issue is disingenuous. As Command-In-Chief the President is duty bound to defend the honor of the Nation Anthem and Flag. The President often meet families whose loved ones draped in the flag. Nothing hurts a person more than to insult the very symbol that honors their fallen ones. So all the President is saying is pick your fight somewhere else.

NFL Leadership

This whole fiasco is because of poor leadership at the NFL and a nefarious anti-trump agenda by the mainstream media. Every organization has rules to govern the behavior of its members. Respecting the flag and national anthem is a reasonable rule especially since they represent the core values of the country. Also, it is simply common sense to including such a rule to prevent any disrespect to the fallen ones or offend the fans.  Instead what the NFL leadership did is to ignore the issue completely and allow 1st Amendment right to denigrate and insult the vast majority of Americans and their values.

Fake News

The liberal mainstream media will use any opportunity to make it a racial or political issue. Their bias reporting is overwhelming. They interview those that fit their agenda of racism and liberalism. The media selectively show the 1 to 13 million while ignoring the 317 million American. The polling questions are also skewed to support their nefarious and blatantly dishonest agenda. Thanks to the internet, social media and the President’s tweets, people are increasingly getting their news from alternative sources. Social media yesterday literally exploded against the protestors but there is no mention on the news.

Fake News also defends Collin Kapernavich who apparently discusses with colleagues and somehow concludes to kneel is not disrespectful, and yet ignores his own comments as follows:

I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick told NFL Media in an exclusive interview after the game. “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

So how can he be protesting against the flag and yet more respectful through a kneel?. There is a total disconnect between his intent and action. More importantly, what do the viewers interpret his actions? Clearly to most Americans, it comes across as disrespectful to the country and military.

Honesty, ethical behavior, and customers will always prevail

Maybe it is the time that the government takes away the billion-dollar subsidies to NFL, the fans stop supporting the teams and the sponsors cancel their contracts. This may be the only way to knock some sense into these protestors, organizers and fake news media. They are clearly picking a fight at the wrong place and against the wrong symbols. In fact, one of Brandon Marshall’s contract has been canceled.  It is up to the fans as customers to demand that NFL and its players stop this stupidity or risk losing everything. The irony is that the more such childish and blatantly disrespectful protests and fake news takes place, the more the people are rallying together and uniting against them. Some Democrats are leaving the party because of this controversy. Those loyal to their team for 60 years are now burning their jerseys. The ball is in the court of ethical conduct, honesty, and common sense.

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