Trump, Rex Tillerson, Bob Corker and Kim Jong Un on North Korea

Make no mistake that the President is the Commander-in-Chief. He has to have the final say and need to continually put pressure on the North Korean leader to agree to denuclearize or face the ultimate consequences of an all-out War. At this stage, there are no other options because America cannot wait anymore for North Korea to acquire the capability to attack the continental United States with nuclear weapons. For too long the North Koreans has been given a free pass to develop their nuclear weapons and delivery capability. Rex Tillerson needs to understand that President Trump’s approach may be the only way to deal with such an authoritarian dictator.

Rex Tillerson and Bob Corker

By criticizing the President’s brinksmanship approach with the Korean leader, Rex Tillerson is undermining the concerted effort of Diplomacy, Military Power, Brinksmanship to achieve the ultimate goal of a denuclearized North Korea.

Bob Corker is part of the GOP establishment leadership that the People are most disappointed with. The GOP establishment has basically sold out the party’s principles during Obama’s presidency and is still ineffective in passing any significant legislation. For Bob Corker to even criticize Trump’s approach on North Korea is disingenuous and only serves to compromise America’s grand strategy. For him to even suggest that Rex Tillerson, General Mattis, and John Kelly are managing the chaos in the White House is ignoring the simple fact that the Secretaries answer to the Commander-in-Chief and not the other way around. The final decision to launch the military option rests with President Trump.

Mainstream Media

The mainstream media’s strategy is to undermine the leadership credibility of President Trump by getting as many of his staff to either resign or get fired. Their aim is to create a perception that his poor leadership style could jeopardize the overall security of the country and that he cannot be trusted with the nuclear codes. So far the mainstream media have been successful in getting most of Trump campaign aides from getting fired. They have also been successful in getting the vacant posts filled with globalists and those more aligned with the establishment agenda.  President Trump should trust his own instincts in picking his cabinet and staff replacements. He should pick those that continue to support his nationalist agenda and those who will always remain loyal to him like Ben Carson. Seeking advice from Chief of Staff or any other person will only serve to jeopardize his agenda.

Trump’s Approach

So far, President Trump’s approach is the only one that is working. The North Koreans did back down on their initial threat to send missiles in the general direction of Guam. The leader has for the first time personally criticized President Trump. It shows that the North Koreans are equally aware of the consequences and also would like to avoid an all-out War. President Trump is right in being firm and should not give them an option to remain nuclearized while agreeing to any kind of multi-party talks. They will have to denuclearize or they will be forced to do so. Any other outcome will be a serious compromise and will not improve the overall security dynamics in East Asia.

For once, all the U.S. politicians and government employees should respect and trust the design of the constitution to ultimately deliver a successful outcome. The decisions are not easy and the consequences could also be devastating, but America does not have many other options. It is not by chance Ronald Reagan was successful in bringing about the relatively peaceful collapse of the former USSR. If a former actor can make the right decisions, so can a successful businessman today.

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