Trump Twitter Storm unhinges the Mainstream Media again

Trump Twitter Storm

True to form, President Trump jump-starts his week Sunday with a string of 140-characters. He again disappoints  mainstream media by setting their Monday agenda. This weekend he retweets a meme that shows a golf ball hitting Hillary Clinton and where many accuse the president of  violence against woman. There are calls for twitter to delist  the president’s twitter account. Ironically it was posted by  CNN SUCKS. Trump Twitter storm unhinges the mainstream media again.

Twitter Policy

Twitter’s policies on what is not appropriate on the platform is uncertain. It is also very difficult for twitter to police all its users. Memes are trending ever since the president retweet one such tweet sometime back. Twitter does selectively bans ‘hateful conduct’ and ‘violent threats’. Clearly this tweet don’t fall under either of these categories. The question to ask is what is the responsibility of a retweeter. A retweeter can easily argue that since the tweet is available online it is fair game to retweet it, especially if it looks funny.

True to their fake form, the mainstream media spends most of Monday morning inviting political analysts to condemn the tweet as violence against women. Diane Feinstein speaks up on violence against woman. Senator Feinstein should watch some Hollywood movies and educate herself on the extreme violence advertised or encouraged against woman. It is time for us to call out fake news media for wasting our time on a  tweet that everyone should simple laugh off. It is time that that Feinstein and MSM grows up and work on their sense of humour. So this trump twitter phenomenon should continue to rock.

Double Standards

Just yesterday many Emmy award artists took digs at President Trump which the mainstream media found funny. So it is alright to ridicule and threaten impeachment against a sitting president but it is offensive to view a meme against someone who spent 1 billion dollars and was actually ‘knocked out’ during the election. The liberal media should take a moment to listen to themselves and their extreme bias against the president. Steve Bannon encourages the mainstream media to continue with what they are doing as it further strengthen the president’s conservative base. Many of them are boycotting Hollywood, Sports News and Miss Universe and it is showing in their ratings and lost revenue. When will the mainstream media ever realize that they are irrelevant and should accept that trump twitter is the new reality.

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