Why Trump Will Ultimately Win on Nov 8

It is movement, not unlike one that is likely to rewrite the playbook at Washington.

Trump rallies are a reflection of the popular support for the movement.

His supports will not be swayed by any scandal, whatsoever.

All he needs is 80% of White man voters and 50% of White woman voters and a White voter turnout of 80%. It may look difficult but it is not impossible. American Whites are aware that the supreme court nomination is at a critical point in U.S. history

The most damning report against DNC is revelations of their proxy instigation of  violence at Trump’s rallies.

On the issue of morality, the American electorate is aware that Bill Clinton, who sexually abused women at the White House, will occupy it even though Hillary Clinton is running for election.

8 years of failed Democrat policies have left the middle class worst off.

Hillary has spent 30 years in public office and is asking for another 4 years to fix the system. Why should Americans trust her.

In 8 years, Hillary has earned $100 million and continued to earn millions while Secretary of State. Government employees are not allowed to accept gifts in kind or money but Hillary was allowed to get paid by special interest groups. How is this not corruption.

Hillary’s handling of the email server is a felony and it is a matter of time that the evidence and law catches up with her. She will almost certain face criminal/gross negligence charges.

Hillary’s and the Democratic Party’s trade policies will run America manufacturing to the ground and destroy the heartland of America.

Hillary have personally called woman abused by Bill Clinton as ‘Bimbos’. How can she claim to represent woman and morality.



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